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“Working with Martina has helped me attract more people than I have ever been able to into any of my offerings in the past.”
"Martina has been amazing at helping me implement an effective strategy with my online coaching and consulting business. After working with her for only a few weeks, I was able to launch a 5 day promotional Facebook course which attracted more people than I have ever been able to attract to any of my offerings in the past.

This led to my largest enrollment into my latest group coaching program as well as 2 new additional private, one on one clients. Her practical and insightful guidance works!

I have taken several digital marketing courses, but none of them have compared to Martina’s hands on mentoring and personalized advice that I needed in order for me to start scaling my business.

I’m excited to continue working with her, not only to grow my business, but most importantly, to positively impact more people and to help them fulfill on all their dreams and goals!"
“I was able to finally understand how to communicate what I do in a way that lands. […] Someone I wanted to partner with literally told me they were a yes just from how I described how I could help them.”
"I felt called to work with a particular population and knew what I could do for them and the impact that would have in their lives, but could not seem to know how to communicate this in a way that landed. I actually hired Martina to teach me how to use FB organically to find my people, but in the discovery call with her realized she is brilliant at messaging, and my immediate need was copy for my website. I struggled with a clear answer anytime I was asked what I do, and could not come up with content for my personal website.

It was key that Martina both understood my ideal client base and understood who I am and what I do at the level I do it. I am not mainstream and this is the genius in Martina - she is the first person I have found who could help me with copy who is not mainstream. I was able to finally understand how to communicate what I do in a way that lands. In fact, during this process, I organically reached out to someone I wanted to partner with and they literally told me they were a yes just from how I described how I could help them.

Frankly, I hate “marketing” and wanted to hire Martina to do it for me. She would not and told me it is a skill I needed to learn. It was not fun, but I believe she did empower me with the ability to communicate in a way that will continue to open doors.
I am the only one in the world I know who does what I do, but it didn’t matter without the ability to communicate about it in a way people get it - that is so essential to my business. Foundational.

I have already told everyone I know who is building/shifting a business about Martina. Anyone who feels called to serve a particular audience could benefit from learning these skills.

Up to now I have played small and essentially hidden - I dimmed my light to fit in and not make others uncomfortable. For me the process of stepping out into the world owning my power and unique contribution to the world is scary because somehow that can feel threatening to people or they can get judgy. Martina was truly the perfect person to go through this process with because she saw me fully (not hiding) and could fully support me stepping into that."
“I now have a clear plan on how to create an additional six figures or more in income whenever I want, without paid ads.”
Amy Hackett-Jones, United Kingdom,
“I had lost my job due to the first Covid lockdown, and so my source of income had dried up completely. I hadn't paid attention to my coaching business in some time, and so didn't have a backlog of clients to fall back on. I needed some strategy...and I knew Martina was my girl!

Our calls got me thinking much bigger financially, reminding me that I am not a new kid on the block, even though I feel like it because i haven't focussed on coaching for some time.

I now have a clear plan on how to create an additional six figures or more in income whenever I want, without paid ads, simply using organic social media and speaking on virtual stages as levers for lead generation.

Martina walked me through the choice of the best business model, offer structure and pricing strategy for me, as well as the positioning needed to further develop my online credibility and authority, especially through podcasting and guest appearances after co-authoring a best selling book.

Through Martina's eyes, her words and her energy, I've started to see myself and the opportunities in front of me in a brand new light. Very empowering!

And the free FB course strategy she shared – with huge potential for big numbers and a strong impact in the market – sounds so simple that I genuinely look forward to implementing it! There is still money out there, and no scarcity is permitted (or possible) when Martina's around!

If you have a business you need/want to ignite, perhaps by more strategic and/or bigger thinking, with fresh ideas leading to new possibilities, I highly recommend you take advantage of Martina's wisdom, incredible dynamism and diverse perspectives.

I love Martina and all that she brings to the table, all she imbues and all she envisions and enables for her clients. Many, many thanks once again! .”
“The consultations have resulted in a direct improvement of documents and communication materials we are using to attract potential sponsors and partners.”
“We sought Martina’s help, as our association wanted to refresh the way we communicated with everyone involved with our organization. Improving our relationships with potential sponsors and donors, making our website more user friendly, and getting guidance on the most effective communication approaches were the main reasons for seeking out Martina. Her knowledge and experience with the space sector have been a true asset. From moment one, she has completely understood our needs. 

The consultations have resulted in a direct improvement of documents and communication materials we are using to attract potential sponsors and partners. Martina’s very clear, very specific, very practical, and easy-to-understand suggestions have been of great help. We started implementing immediately. The impact of these changes will be fully visible by the beginning of next year when we will have gathered the results from this year’s World Space Week. If successful, we will be able to significantly grow both the event and the association. It’s still early, but I’m confident we are on the right track..

In addition, Martina is incredibly pleasant to work with. She is professional and yet has the ability to understand personal needs, as well as the needs of the organization, and is able to explain both high-level concepts and concrete action steps in a way easy to understand, no matter how complex the issue may be. Martina’s extensive experience in working with entrepreneurs has been very valuable to us in our outreach to new sponsors and donors. As a non-profit international organization working closely with the United Nations, we gained a lot from her business- and space-related know-how and will be able to apply the communication and business development strategies she shared with us in every aspect of our work. Martina’s background and her international experience have been exactly what we needed to maximize and uplevel our current endeavors.  

Needless to say, I highly recommend Martina and her services. Working with her has been great. She completely understands what we are aiming to achieve and her personal approach to the consultations make them not only extremely informative, but also very enjoyable. Who do I think can benefit the most from Martina’s work? Small businesses, companies just starting out, and international NGOs.”
“In less than one hour, I went from charging £1997 for my package to charging a whopping £5500, and then went on to sell my first £5500 package in less than 3 days.”
“In less than 1hr I went from charging £1997 for my package to charging a whopping £5500 and then went on to sell my first £5500 package in less than 3 days.

Before I started working with Martina I lacked the confidence needed to be an awesome coach. I kept on hiding behind the story that I was not good enough. I had this limiting belief that I could never make money with doing what I love. 

Diving deep into the Sacred Money Archetypes allowed me to discover my top money archetype, the Celebrity. I didn’t know how magnetic I was until I started embracing my sacred money archetype. 

Being in alignment with my archetypes allowed me to show up authentically and powerfully in my business, and because of this I’m attracting my ideal high paying clients consistently. 

I couldn’t see myself charging more then £1997 for my packages. I had issues seeing myself selling my packages for more than that. Martina was really good at coaching me on my wealth consciousness, which allowed me to break through my lack mentality. She helped with creating prices for my offerings and within 3 days I sold my first £5550 3-month coaching package. 

Martina is one of those coaches that will not allow you to settle for mediocre. She will help you see your strengths and coach you on how you can use your archetypes to accelerate your business growth with ease. Martina is a very powerful coach; she’s highly intuitive and she has exceptional branding and business skills to help you pinpoint the leakage in your business. Coaching with Martina has been the best investment I’ve ever made. You would not regret working with her.”
“I’m now on target to manifest and extra $30,000 in the next few weeks!”
“Before I met Martina I was struggling with how to develop the business model and brand required to quantum leap me in the direction of my dream business vision. After only two weeks of receiving her guidance and coaching, we have developed the best business model for me, my lifestyle and my goals. We have begun developing my new luxurious brand AND I’m now on target to manifest an extra $30,000 in the next few weeks.

She makes it SO EASY! Working with Martina is purely magical! She holds such an expansive vision of who you are and what you are capable of that the only option she gives you is to succeed in ways you only dream of! If you know in your heart that you want to brand yourself as the expert that you are in a heart-centered and purely authentic way, she is the person to go to! I consider Martina a shortcut to making your business dreams come true!”
“Working with Martina is like having a direct line to the brightest intellect and most positive energy around.”
“Dr. Martina Zorc is a star in her own right. I’ve been working with her for over a year now. She is a wonderful mentor. Working with her is like having a direct line to the brightest intellect and most positive energy around. She is a fountain of incredible and very practical ideas for me. If I’m feeling at all slow or limited in anyway, she fires me right up and gets my brain back on track, this time travelling like a bullet train!

There are a few things that Martina has had a particularly big impact on in my life. The first is around money. I’d prefer to avoid the whole money thing, but Martina gave me clear and specific tools to help me manage my money more effectively, see the true value of what I do and ask to be compensated accordingly. It’s working! The second is her impact on my products and packages. Not only does she come up with great and relevant offers but she is also fabulous at giving them amazing names and then communicating their value. She has been and is such an inspiration! And now, she is helping me with my branding and publicity. Her suggestions and guidance have cut through the confusion I was feeling about what to do and how to do it and I’m beginning to see some cohesion in what I’m doing. I have my first magazine feature coming out soon, another editor interested in what I do and a PR agent promoting me! 

I’m a bottom-line kind of person, experienced in business and fairly sceptical about what is available in the world of mentoring but given my experience with Martina I am so delighted to recommend her to my clients and will continue to work with her myself. She is a keeper!”
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