Skyrocket Your Authority:
A New Way to Profit from TV
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We help established and rising star future-conscious entrepreneurs and organizations design and implement *profitably disruptive* growth strategies that put them on the map and/or catapult them to the
next level of leadership, income and authority in the marketplace, locally and globally.
  • Successful Entrepreneurs (Experts, Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Digital Marketers, Ecommerce Business Owners, Influencers...) looking to leap to their next level of leadership, impact and income
  • Future-Conscious Companies/Organizations that want to be at the forefront of their industry
  • ​Rising Star Entrepreneurs determined to grow quickly and efficiently
  • ​Getting in Front of an Audience of 80+ Million with Zero Ad Spend
  • ​*Profitably DISRUPTIVE*, Blue Ocean Authority Positioning
  • ​12x-ed Income
  • ​An Evergreen System for Leveraging Traditional, Social and New Media
  • ​An Optimized and Maximized Business Model
  • ​Consistent and Efficient Growth and Expansion
  • Private Consulting/Mentoring
  • ​DFY (Done-for-You) Services (TV Channels Set-Up, Press Release Writing and Syndication, IG Growth Loops, Online Funnels and Websites)
  • ​Online Trainings
  • ​Digital Products
  • ​Group Programs
  • ​Keynotes and Other Speaking Engagements
  • ​Promo Partnerships


Dr. Martina Zorc, Founder and CEO of ZORC GLOBAL and ZORC SPACE, is an international space law expert (PhD), a business strategist and multi-certified consultant, an international speaker and an award-winning best-selling co-author. With over 10 years in the experts industry, she works with future-conscious business leaders, entrepreneurs and companies/organizations, on optimizing their positioning, maximizing their business and sales model, leveraging their assets via social, traditional and new media, with special emphasis on Connected TV (ROKU TV, Amazon FIre TV), and stepping into the ultimate authority/go-to partner/provider in their market.
Contact:  [email protected]
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TV Authority EXPRESS
OWN AND MONETIZE ONE OR TWO Connected tv Channels
If you're ready to get started with Connected TV and reap all the benefits of being an early adopter, you can choose between one TV Channel, on ROKU TV, or two TV Channels, on ROKU TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Included in the package, there's private mentoring on your customized content, launch and monetization strategy, plus the entire tech done for you, so that this new asset integrates seamlessly into your marketing and business operations.
TV Authority Guest Spot
 30-Minute TV Interview Feature
Not sure about your own TV channel or show, but you'd love to get in front of a 39.8+ million audience? Great! This is the perfect TV package for you. We will interview you and publish the edited video on one of our channels for at least 12 months.

You will receive step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare for your segment, we will then have a private conversation to go through the interview, from content, call to action, testing the lighting and tech... nothing important will be left out, all with the goal of turning this interview into a profit-making and disruptive positioning opportunity.

You will be able to use the video and audio freely on other platforms, as well.
1st Page of Google
Done-for-you press release strategy,
writing and syndication
With a strategically written series of (newsworthy) press releases containing keywords your clients search for in Google, your business can be found more easily and even appear on page 1 in Google. The strategy, the writing, the submission to the editorial team, the distrubution/syndication to 250+ media outlets (guaranteed or we republish a new press release for free!), and the report with all the links to where it has been published - DFY (done for you).

Minimum engagement: 6 months. After that, we continue on a month to month basis, publishing a new press release about your business every month.
IG Growth Loop
SPONSOR INFLUENCER GIVEAWAY AND GAIN tens of thousand of Instagram followers IN JUST A FEW DAYS
Wish you could enjoy the spectacular Maldives, get inspired by the turquoise water views and the magical sunsets, and be able to also write it off as a business expense? Not to mention uplevel your already successful business to new heights by fine-tuning your positioning and optimizing your business development system

In addition to the intense 4-Day Private Mentoring Week in the Maldives, this package also includes an extensive in-take questionnaire, 30 days of unlimited access for quick, "SOS" questions during office hours after your Maldives immersion, and a 2-hour private online debrief at the end of those 30 days.
20 Days To Authority
If you'd like to increase your authority and credibility in your field quickly and efficiently, this gift is for you.

This FREE Guide focuses only on what you can do super fast, in just 20 days, as the title says, so that you can start boosting your income right away. 
Skyrocket Your Authority: A New Way to Profit From TV
Discover the power of Connected TV, especially the two leading platforms, ROKU TV and Amazon Fire TV. Combined, they have an audience of 80+ million and growing.

This FREE Guide will show you how you can get in front of all these millions of active users with zero ad spend, the super easy way, and monetize it fast, even before your TV channel has been published.

Big bonus for signing up:
Access (via email) to a 5-day "TV Authority Quick Start" video training series
If I Could Help You Own A TV Channel And Monetize It
Immediately With No Ad Spend... Would You Be Interested?
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Dr. Martina Zorc, Founder & CEO
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