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We help established and rising star entrepreneurs and organizations design and implement
*profitably disruptive* growth strategies that put them on the map and/or catapult them to the
next level of leadership, income and authority in the marketplace, locally and globally.

Meet Dr. Martina Zorc

Dr. Martina Zorc, Founder and CEO of ZORC GLOBAL and ZORC SPACE, is an international space law expert (PhD), a business strategist and consultant, an international speaker and an award-winning best-selling co-author. With over 10 years in the experts industry, she works with driven, visionary leaders on optimizing your positioning, maximizing your business model, leveraging your assets via new and traditional media, with special emphasis on *connect TV* (ROKU TV, Amazon FIre TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast) and stepping into the ultimate authority/go-to partner/provider in your market.
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DFY (Done-For-You) MEDIA
Publicity is a credibility accelerator like no other. We make it quick and easy for you to start appearing in the media for all the right reasons, positioning you at the go-to authority in your field.

Tayloring your publicity strategy to your particular needs, we create the best target mix of different media for your business, and we help you maximize and monetize each media opportunity.
TV Channel Profits
Get in front of 32+ million active users of Roku TV with your very own TV Channel in the next 60 to 90 days. You create the videos (or repurpose your existing ones) and host them in VimeoPRO, then our team takes care of the technical set-up (a huge time-saver!).

Also included is strategic training to maximize the money making potential of your TV channel, as well as access to ongoing group mentoring (with recordings).

Your investment covers the TV channel and video upload fee for an entire year (and up to 24 videos). After that, a monthly subscription fee kicks-in, covering channel maintenance costs and additional video uploads DFY (done for you).

The perfect add-on (let us know you want it):
An Amazon Fire TV Channel (40+ million active users)
Sold Out TV Show
Create your profitable TV show that positions your business for more sales with your perfect fit clients, as well as spotlights your guests (clients, joint venture partners, affiliates, sponsors). You can charge for these interviews or gift them as a bonus for purchasing something else, achieving a certain number of affiliate sales, sponsoring your brand, promoting your business to a large email audience, etc.

With a combination of pre-recorded strategic training and ongoing access to group mentoring (with recordings), you can start monetizing TV even before making your show live.

The perfect add-on (let us know if you want it):
TV Channel Profits (this will give you a TV channel that will host your sold out TV show!)
TV Authority Guest Spot
 30-Minute TV Interview Feature
Not sure about your own TV channel or show, but you'd love to get in front of a 32+ million audience? Great! This is the perfect TV package for you. We will interview you and publish the edited video on one of our channels for at least 12 months.

You will receive step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare for your segment, we will then have a private conversation to go through the interview, from content, call to action, testing the lighting and tech... nothing important will be left out, all with the goal of turning this interview into a profit-making and disruptive positioning opportunity.

You will be able to use the video and audio freely on other platforms, as well.
Join the FREE 5-Day TV Authority Quick Start
Strategy Day in NYC, Paris, Rome or Dubai
One laser-focused consulting day is enough to completely change the trajectory of your business. We'll work on your bold, "Moonshot" growth plan, expanding and upleveling your vision, your goals, your positioning, your marketing communications, your leadership and your income generation by 12X or more. It will stretch you, it will inspire you, it will have you step into the fiercest, most unstoppable, most brilliant version of you.

This Strategy Day package also includes a detailed questionnaire, a 60-minute prep call, 30 days of direct access to Dr. Martina Zorc, and a 90-minute follow-up call at the end of these 30 days to strategize on what comes next.
4-Day Private Mentoring Immersion in the Maldives
Wish you could enjoy the spectacular Maldives, get inspired by the turquoise water views and the magical sunsets, and be able to also write it off as a business expense? Not to mention uplevel your already successful business to new heights by fine-tuning your positioning and optimizing your business development system

In addition to the intense 4-Day Private Mentoring Week in the Maldives, this package also includes an extensive in-take questionnaire, 30 days of unlimited access for quick, "SOS" questions during office hours after your Maldives immersion, and a 2-hour private online debrief at the end of those 30 days.
12-Month Ultimate Access
Why would you invest in yourself through the Ultimate Access package? Because you want to finally unleash your full potential without sacrificing your life in the process. You want more in business and in life, and you've decided this is the time to claim it.

This is the perfect fit for entrepreneurs who're determined to hone on their genius level game and profitable disruption strategies, and add (another) 7-figures to their income.

-> 24 60-minute private mentoring calls with audio recordings
-> Unlimited access for quick, "SOS" questions during office hours

In addition, this package includes:
-> ONE Strategy Day in either NYC, Paris, Rome, Dubai or Santorini (currently replaced with video conferencing due to the pandemic)
-> A 4-day Private Mentoring Week in the Maldives (booked for a time after the pandemic),
-> A TV Channel on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast (for 12-months; set-up is included),
-> The syndication of up to 24 press releases to hundreds of high authority media sites
One-Time 75-Minute Private Online Intensive
Quick Strategic intervention
Get your questions answered and get clear on your profitably disruptive business strategy. Here's a sample list of topics we can cover:

Category of One Positioning, Authority Building, Online Presence, Monetizing TV, Media Pitch Mastery, Business Model Design (in alignment with the life you want), Lucrative Offer Cascade (including high-ticket packages), Organic Lead Generation, Funnels and Email Marketing, Leading Affiliates, Fostering High-Value Connections, etc.

This is an audio intensive delivered via our private conference line, and it includes a downloadable mp3 recording for your success library. In order to maximize our time together, you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire ahead of time.
FREE Gifts Festival
1st Page of Google
Done-for-you press release strategy,
writing and syndication
With a strategically written series of (newsworthy) press releases containing keywords your clients search for in Google, your business can be found more easily and even appear on page 1 in Google. The strategy, the writing, the submission to the editorial team, the distrubution/syndication to 250+ media outlets (guaranteed or we republish a new press release for free!), and the report with all the links to where it has been published - DFY (done for you).

Minimum engagement: 6 months (after that, we can continue on a month to month basis, publishing a new press release about your business  every month)
CF Website Tool Kit
All the templates you need to quickly set up
your website in ClickFunnels
Using ClickFunnels as your website solution allows your brand to have a coherent look and feel - your funnels and your website will finally have a unified style. In addition, you won't need to pay hosting fees for your WP website any longer, and when you're ready, you can also create membership centers and your affiliate program within your CF account, no external plugins or tools needed.

This package includes the following templates that you'll simply import into your account - a $97/m CF membership level is enough to use these, and you get a 14-day FREE trial HERE:
-> Website (similar to the one you're visiting right now), including pages for Client testimonials and you legal documents
-> Funnel "PDF to Book a Call"
-> Sales page
-> Checkout page 
Launching soon! Want to be featured?
The GLOBALPRENEUR brand offers you a wide array of paid and free opportunities for sharing your expertise with a new audience, including the 32+ million active users of the TV platform we're partnering with.
Vanessa Ogden Moss created her first online course over 8 years ago, retired her husband and now they travel the world with their 6 kids.

Course That Sells
No AD costs. No launching. A steady stream of ideal premium clients. An asset you create once and sell over and over.
Go from hustling to having a premium online course that makes sales EVERY single day... WITHOUT running ads, building funnels OR having a big social media following!

Vanessa Ogden Moss's lead generation method is brilliant in its simplicity. She shows you how to start generating leads from Day 1 - and these are your ideal prospects you would otherwise pay $50 to $100 for.

Following an ORGANIC step-by-step system that only requires an internet connection, a laptop, a smart phone, and a Facebook profile, you can get 10 to 15 (and quite honestly, many more) leads every day - if you were to pay for them, that's a daily value of a $500 to a $1,500 minimum.
Check out the One Funnel Away Challenge:
In 30 days, you’ll have a funnel that is built and LIVE, and ready to gather leads and sales. 

GET your FREE 14-Day TRIAl today
ClickFunnels is your entire marketing and sales team in one tool. No developers needed. Create your website and highly converting sales funnels in minutes without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

And if you do have a tech team, all the better - they can do their magic even faster and with increased conversions. You can either invite them to go through the OFA - One Funnel Away Challenge, a 30-day quickstart program, or you can take it yourself and get your first funnel up and running within a month.

It's a life-changing tool - when you put it to work, so please do, as soon as possible (and in case you're curious... YES, this website is powered by ClickFunnels).

Claim your FREE 14-day trial and join the 100.625 entrepreneurs who are actively using ClickFunnels to easily get their products and their message out to the world.
An Example of Business Model Innovation (FREE Web Class)
"The 250 Phenomenon": How to Create a Recurring Monthly Income Stream of $1,500+ in 30 Days of After-Hours
*Profitable Disruption* is a concept you can apply to any  aspect of your business, including your business model.

This FREE video training explains an innovative model that leverages partnerships in a fresh way that doesn't require a big time investment, and yet has the potential of a significant and multi-layered ROI.
"She Made It Happen" Book Release
Within days of being published,  "She Made It Happen" soared to #1 on Amazon UK and then quickly became an International Number 1 Best Seller.

15 new inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs around the world sharing their business and personal journies are waiting for you to dive in! Enjoy!
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